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Customer Feedback

I initially purchased this with the intention of using it as a night table accessory for a DIY project I was working on. However, I ultimately chose a different product for that specific purpose and ended up finding a delightful array of applications for this versatile set. From crafting vases to securing my iPhone in its clip case, these felts have proven to be incredibly handy. With a variety of sizes and countless possible uses, I'm thrilled with my purchase and eagerly anticipate using these felts for future small projects.

Ada D.

After completing the renovation of our house, we recently moved our furniture back in. Thanks to the diverse range of user-friendly protection options, we and the movers could effortlessly grab the pads and apply them to each piece of furniture as it was being brought into the house. This made the entire process considerably less stressful, and as we reposition the furniture, we can be confident that our floors remain well protected.

Satellite Girl

I was extremely pleased with these felt pads. I bought the set with various sizes to use under my furniture, which includes both light and heavy pieces. So far, they have all fit well and are performing admirably. These pads are doing an excellent job safeguarding my floors, and their adhesive appears to be strong. I wholeheartedly recommend them!


Our previous felt pads were the sticky black cap type. They served us well for a few years but, as they aged, they left marks on our floors and eventually fell apart. While these new ones require a bit of strength and effort to install, I'm still thoroughly impressed after two months of use. They glide smoothly on the floor and are exceptionally high-quality. We're very satisfied.


Simple to install, these pads keep my office chair from sliding when I sit down or stand up on a wooden floor.


If you have hardwood floors and rely on felt foot pads to "safeguard your flooring," I strongly urge you to discontinue and switch to these flexible plastic "booties." They easily conform to the chair feet, offer excellent gliding ability, and have proven to be the ideal solution for our needs. I wholeheartedly recommend them.


We've recently completed the refinishing of the hardwood floors in our new home. As we've been acquiring new furniture to furnish it, this felt pad assortment has proven to be invaluable. It comes in both black and brown to complement various pieces. The felt itself is soft, and the adhesive on the back is reliably sticky, provided that the furniture isn't aged and there isn't excessive surface dust.


Adored the range of sizes and the straightforward installation process!


Appreciated the diverse choices, and these pads adhered to the furniture securely.


This generous assortment, featuring a variety of sizes, is fantastic. I appreciate the ease with which they adhere, particularly after installing new floors. They also facilitate smooth furniture sliding.


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X-Protector is a manufacturer of felt pads, non-slip pads, rug grippers, furniture sliders, caster cups, floor cord covers, and nail-on furniture pads.

X-Protector brand provides the best solutions for you to make your home a perfect place to live in. We offer different types of floor protectors, cord covers, and furniture movers for you to choose any size, color, shape, and purpose you need.

Our felt furniture pads, furniture leg cups, and nail-on furniture pads prevent different scratches and scuffs on your lovely floor and protect it from any other damages. Our non-slip pads and furniture cups are the perfect way to keep all your furniture in its place without damaging the floor. X-Protector rug grippers help you to stop worrying about your rugs or carpets that they move all the time. Our carpet sliders and hardwood floor sliders save your time and energy while moving any furniture you need around your house by making it easier and quicker. And our floor cord covers help you to deal with a cable mess at any place you need!

All our products are made of high-quality materials, which makes them very durable, so all our furniture floor protectors, cable protectors, and furniture sliders will serve you for a long period of time! X-Protector products are suitable for any kinds of surfaces on your floor, so you can be sure that you find the right one for your home. Moreover, they can be used more than once and with different furniture, so X-Protector is the perfect brand that cares about customers.

Also, if you are afraid that it would be hard to use our nail-on furniture pads - stop doing it! Our products were made with the purpose to use them easily. So, just read the instructions and if you still have questions - just contact us and we will solve any issues.
If you are afraid that our pads or covers wouldn’t fit your furniture - just stop! We have a wide variety of different sizes and shapes for you to choose the best ones for your furniture. Moreover, we can offer you different colors and shapes that will be perfect for your needs!

X-Protector creates products with care and with a willingness to help to make their home as comfortable and beautiful as people can imagine!

We provide absolute satisfaction for you! Don’t hesitate - just choose the best product for you and purchase it now!